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What is Collagen Red Light Therapy?
  • Promotes collagen and elastin production
  • Smooths and reduces wrinkles and fine lines with a UV-free lighting technology
  • Firms aged and tired skin and gives more consistent skin coloration and complexion
  • Penetrates tissue to a depth of about 8-10mm
  • Increases moisture retention
  • Increases blood flow for increased circulation
  • Increases oxygenation and restoration of skin’s natural cellular activity
  • Keeps skin renewed and fresh
  • Reduces inflammation in skin conditions such as acne
  • Stimulates wound healing

What’s the big difference? Collagen red light therapy vs. LED

Fluorescent red light therapy:

  • Offers a full body treatment
  • Fits into your ti me schedule
  • Simply gives ‘more bang for your buck’

LED anti-aging therapies:

  • Only treat the facial area
  • Can take up to 1 hour of your time
  • Costs up to $150 per treatment

Red Light Therapy

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